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Default Re: Id like to try Tangiers shisha but,

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Me personally .. I don't like it

Polarizing? .. nah, it is more of a lot of hype from fanboys and new Members that venture over here from another forum where the maker of Tangiers is a Moderator. You can go to that other forum and see about a gazillion threads talking about Tangiers. It has become his home base for promoting. PM me if ya want, and I will provide you with the link. Sadly most of the questions are "How do I smoke this?" or "It is harsh, what am I doing wrong?" or "It smells like BBQ?" etc. I got caught up in the hype when I first started reading forums. Whata let down

Go ahead and try it out though .. I am a firm believer you should try everything a few times. We all have different opinions.
They seem to help most people getting it smoking right, myself included.
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