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Originally Posted by Sui View Post
Im gonna have to disagree here.

Nahkla is NOT heat sensitive at all.

I would advise the following:

If you are using 1 layer of foil, try using a doubled layer for easier heat control!

Loose pack in the bowl, you dont want it to be like a tangiers pack.

When first starting the session let the shisha chill with the coals on top for at least 3 mins before you take a hit! Sometimes with such a dense pack when you just start huffing on the hose right after placing the coals on the foil the shisha will be burnt not only in a small layer on top but in a clumped and thick layer, which can make the entire bowl taste like seared rubber and coals!

Keep trying my friend! And may the god of Nahkla smile upon you with its smoky goodness!

(Nahkla orange is an amazing flavor btw! good choice!)

+1 this is exactly how i pack mine and i get great flavor and good clouds for naklah.
(*Disclaimer* These are my opinions and mine alone. It does not reflect the opinions of others and is based on my personal smoking enjoyment and experience)
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