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Default Re: Nazar Single Coil Burner

Originally Posted by nakkisormi View Post
Resurrecting an old post, but didn't want to start a new topic for this:

I've ordered the single coil burner from nazar hookah, (have not yet recieved it, but):

Does anyone use the burner inside their house? because i live in an appartment house, there for can't use the burner outside (our balcony has wooden floor, can't use it there either).

Just wondering if any sparkles jump off the coals while lighting them? or anything else "not-so-safe"?

(And how many coals to use in a standard vortex bowl / medium funnel bowl? Coconara's and Al Fakher naturals are in my posession to be used!

Sorry for the yoda-style english !)
Usually with coco coals, almost no sparking occurs. The only reason I personally wouldn't recommend lighting indoors, is although they are "naturals" they give off quite an odor just as strong as quicklights in my opinion. Just food for thought. Maybe by a window?
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