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Default Re: Id like to try Tangiers shisha but,

I've had HUGE success smoking tangiers out of ANY bowl. I particularly like smoking it out a pyrex vortex because the spire isn't as wide and has the intake holes closer to the bottom so that when you smoke it has to take the heat through the tobacco instead of just skimming over the top. I've just seemed to notice that the tobacco is more thoroughly cooked after a session when using a pyrex vortex. Although I've just broke mine "they are EXTREMELY fragile" and I'm using a clay vortex now. The metal vortex isn't too bad to but it discolors almost immediately after the first few uses and I don't know if this oxidation or rust is safe to smoke from. I pack my pyrex differently then everyone else though, so as soon as I buy another, which will be in a couple weeks, I will put up a demo video for all to watch.
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