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Default Discover/Rediscover Hookah Hookah Shisha

I just got finished smoking some Hookah Hookah Key Lime Pie for my after breakfast smoke. It was a thoroughly enjoyable session. It reminded me how nice this shisha really is. Here's what I like about it...

It isn't messy
It doesn't have a nasty, sticky, gooey cellophane to mess with. It's juice is easy to clean up as it isn't dyed red or other colors. It's juice is easier to wipe off your hands too. It's so nice to just stir it up, take some out of the container, plop it in the bowl and have at it!

Reasonably priced
At a little over $3 for 50 g at nearly every vendor it's a good deal. There is always more than 50 g in a 50 g container too (I know I've weighed it). You can find 5 packs of 50 g containers for a little over $15. In a time when shisha is $15-20.00 for 250 grams of sticky messy stuff, Hookah Hookah is a pleasant change of pace.

No acclimation required
It is a ready to go shisha. No need to acclimate it for 24 hours for it to smell or taste right. No need to acclimate it at all. It's nice for those "oops forgot to put out ----------- to acclimate" times.

It has several great flavors
I have tried these flavors and can tell you they are very good. Butterscotch, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Key Lime Pie, Lemonade, Mocha, Pumpkin Pie, and Watermelon. I haven't tried Orange or Pineapple yet (they are on the way) but I hear they are good too.

Readily available
Alot of vendors carry it and from what I hear alot of smoke shops carry it as well.

No stems
Always nice not to have to pick stems out of your shisha!

Do yourself a favor and discover or rediscover Hookah Hookah next time you place an order. You won't regret it.

BTW I don't work for Hookah Hookah or anyone in the hookah business as far as that goes! LOL
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