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Default Re: Id like to try Tangiers shisha but,

Originally Posted by freezingwar View Post
Well as its been said... to each his own... But I may get off topic but don't want to make another thread like this, just a quick question for the lucid smokers. Even if its very similar to washed tobaccos, I have trouble of keeping it not harsh for the entire bowl. It seems that after 20-30 minutes its impossible to take long drags. I use two coconara's, a phunnel and a QT with double normal foil and a windcover. Is it just too much heat? I take off the coal but they are so small by then that one isn't enough but the bowl itself is harsh, I take it out and puff it but its still harsh, maybe by then I burned the tobacco? Anyways sorry for the massive change of topic and would appreciate any tips.
What size phunnel are you using? When I use coconara's instead of Golden Canaries I cut them in halves. It helps with the heat management. On a large phunnel bowl I can use 3-4 halves with a wind cover once they die down. It's not that you burned the tobacco. In a small phunnel if packed right and if not scorched with to much coal it can easily last 4 hours.
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