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Default Re: Vertex bowl and everything that goes with it

Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
I found my web cam so i will post up a video of the hole pattern i use. Basically what i do and i get great flavor and clouds from is. I take a sheet of regular foil and fold it in half. I use a push pin and make a ring around the outer edge. Then i make a ring in the center around the spire. Once that is done i put a wide spread ring in between the other two and it works great. When i am out side i use 3 coals the whole time.

Inside I used 3 coals to get it started, then switch to two coals and the wind cover alternating. I will try and post up videos of what i do with the vortex. This method works flawless for me everytime.
Bango! Almost exact same method as me.

I've never had a problem and when friends come over they get mad because their hookah doesnt hit like mine.. Hahahaha
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