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Default Re: licence to smoke

The licence blather isn't the worst i've heard of by far. A friend of mine was fired from his job for smoking a narghile because it was claimed that tobacco used violated some employment contract clause about projecting a positive image for the company outside of the office.

I've know others who've had their health insurance taken away and denied the coverage they paid for when they needed it because they were smokers. Even though they indicated they were smokers when they signed up and their claims had nothing to do with anything tobacco related they go stuck with a bunch of bills and no coverage despite having paid for it.

I also knew a guy that lost his child during divorce to his alcoholic ex-wife for no other reason then that he was a) male and b) a smoker. The judge even mentioned that she thought it was child abuse to expose a kid to second hand smoke. Apparently she read something in a newspaper once that said as much and that was all the proof she needed. My pal's ex later killed the child in a drunk riving incident although she was just fine afterwards and has since remarried and has two more children.

All those incidents happened in the good ol' USofA.
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