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Default Re: in your opinion...

In my opinion and experience, Golden Coals are a better choice than Three Kings. I used to swear by Three Kings, but once I tried Golden Coals, that immedialey changed my preference. I wrote a detailed review comparing the two in the review section. Check it out...

I've also tried Exotica Coals. These are natural, and from what everyone says, supposedly the best natural out there. I decided to run back to back tests on smoking with Golden Coals and Exotica's. I used the same hookah, same bowl, and same shisha for the test. I could not tell a single difference in taste between the two. Neither was better than the other in terms of flavor. They both tasted the same throughout the session to both me and my girl.

For the hassle that's involved in lighting/preparing naturals, I'd say just stick to Golden Coals. They're much easier and quicker to light, and will taste the same. About the only thing I can say about Exoticas is that they do last a little longer than the Golden Coals. But that also depends mostly on how big or small you cut them. And that's another thing. Exotica's come in long sticks. Meaning you'll have to get a serrated knife and cut them yourself each time you go to smoke.

This can become a pain in the *ss after a while. It also makes a wonderful mess of black charcoal residue all over your kitchen. Because of all this, I prefer sticking to Golden Coals, which are much easier to deal with and don't require a mess everytime you use them. But of course, this is my personal opinion. If you don't mind going through that hassle, then go ahead and get the Exotica coals. They are good and don't smell when lighting.
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