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Talking Hookah Noob | a brief 'q&a'

Hello Hookahproians! I'm new around here, and I have a few questions maybe some of you can help me out with.

I have never owned, or smoked a Hookah. I recently visited a friend, who did own a Hookah however, and it was a gorgeous piece let me tell you. I wish I would have got the make, but it was a 3 house, I believe Egyptian with an auto lock system.

Now, not knowing HOW to actually smoke a Hookah with tobacco, I did not inhale. I had no idea if I was supposed to or not, if it would get me high.. So I let the smoke that I would draw sit in my mouth for a few moments, and to my surprise the taste was amazing.

I do smoke cigarettes, but am in the process of quitting. I noticed the entire 3 days I was there, I did not have a single cigarette because I was smoking on the Hookah, and let me tell you brothers I did not even want one. Thought never came to mind, even.

So, now that I am home I am looking for a good Hookah in the 100$-150$ range. I've looked around at some websites, but I'm not really sure what to do just yet. I do want a 2-3 hose Hookah, but I also want it to be a piece that is aesthetically pleasing. I would love to be able to see the smoke drawn into the base. Doesn't have to be a white clear base, it can be tinted blue or green, but something along those lines.

Well, here are some questions :

1) Do you inhale? (I feel like a retard..)

2) Does it get you high at all? (Not really looking for this..)

3) Does anyone know of a good, trusted site that sells a Hookah that meets my above criteria?

4) When lighting coals, do I just light them with a match and then let them sit, or do they need a constant flame?

Thanks so much for taking the time out. Again, this whole thing is new to me.

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