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Default Re: Peach Shisha

i've tried a peach flavor from every brand available in the US and that is readily available from my favorite vendors. peach is one of my favorite flavors.

nakhla mizo peach- extremely floral, strong, and natural. you need to smoke it a few times to actually enjoy it. not sweet at all. medium-heavy smoke for me. cut is juicier than regular nakhla, but still somewhat dry. lots of stems. overall, 9/10.

AF peach- very sweet, tastes exactly like peach rings. that was a batch from july 2008. i had one from april 09 and it was the most chemical, shitty thing i've ever smoked. typical AF cut, juicy, almost no stems. heavy smoke. overall older batch: 9.5/10. newer batch: 0/10.

AW peach- dry, tasty, heavy smoke, dies quickly though.. (45mins) cut is big with a lot of stems. overall, 9/10.

king moassel peach- just stay away from it, tastes like paperclips. 0/10

starbuzz white peach- by far the best, honestly. smells like AF peach with more sweetness and tartness. extremely drippy, extremely thick clouds. lasted for over 2 hours in a phunnel. cut is very thin, no big stems, and juicy. 10/10
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