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Default Question from Germany


I signed up here because we have a hard discussion atm.

I'm from Germany and registered in the maybe you know it.

So our discussion deals with Nakhla and other tobaccos.

In Germany it's like that: Nakhla is the worst tobacco or shisha like you say and starbuzz + fantasia are best.

We are very jealous, because you can buy Starbuzz and Fantasia so cheap. We have to import them, and have to pay the price + duty and shipping.

Regular price in Germany is about 50$ for 250g Starbuzz...

We just can't understand why you love Nakhla so much when you can buy Starbuzz and Fantasia so cheap.

I hope you can help us in our discussion

It's really strange that Nakhla is best in USA but worst in Germany...

regards, Kret
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