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Default Re: Question from Germany

Originally Posted by Kret View Post

I signed up here because we have a hard discussion atm.

I'm from Germany and registered in the maybe you know it.

So our discussion deals with Nakhla and other tobaccos.

In Germany it's like that: Nakhla is the worst tobacco or shisha like you say and starbuzz + fantasia are best.

We are very jealous, because you can buy Starbuzz and Fantasia so cheap. We have to import them, and have to pay the price + duty and shipping.

Regular price in Germany is about 50$ for 250g Starbuzz...

We just can't understand why you love Nakhla so much when you can buy Starbuzz and Fantasia so cheap.

I hope you can help us in our discussion

It's really strange that Nakhla is best in USA but worst in Germany...

regards, Kret
When I lived in the U.S. I really loved the lower costs ( no VAT, lower income taxes, lower property taxes. lower excise taxes etc) and I definitely miss all that. I also like how in the states you have a better selection of moassel then Europa does.

Germany is a little odd in that moisture content for moassels is so low that you end up getting a product that is very different then what the rest of the world is used to which I think likely influences how the various brands are seen.

As to Star Buzz/Fantasia I can't resist from saying I hate them and find most American/Gulf style moassels insipid. I feel ripped off when I buy moassel that is 75% glycerine and the tobacco has been boiled and washed to such an extent that it literally has no flavour at all. If I liked the taste of those sorts of products you could just wring out the tobacco and throw the liquid in a vaporizer and it would last a lot longer and you wouldn't need coals.

What is worse then spending real money for a bag of glycerin with a bit of boiled, flavourless tobacco tossed in isthe flavours. Everything that Star Buzz/Fantasia makes tastes like food science experiment gone wrong that they tried to cover up with mountains of sugar. It's all fake, insipid and so far removed from what moassel should be that the stuff offends me. Frankly the only thing good to say about Star Buzz/Fantasia is that it's not King Moassel.

As to Nakhla I admit it's not my favorite brand. Still, it's far more realistic tasting and when you buy it you actually get a pack that is 75% or so tobacco. With Nakhla you know that what ever you buy will taste like what it's supposed to rather then cheap candy or some weird batch of chemicals.

Still, Germany has a lot more then just Nakhla. You can get Serbetli with no problem which is far better then 90% of what you can buy the states and you have Oriental which is a really good brand as well.

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