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Default Re: What do you think of these?

Originally Posted by andally View Post
If TheFaded is right and the first one is a mya I'd go with that one. I have two MYAs and they both smoke nicely...

I actually like them better than my KM which is the hookah a lot of people on the forum rave about... but I have yet to get it to smoke half as nicely as either of my MYAs...
No, they're not Myas. I guess they just look like them. Myas are pretty good pipes and are often seen as better than KMs in Germany, so they'd say if they were Myas.

Originally Posted by twoapplesplease View Post
I've herd pretty good things bout the kaya's...especially the ones that are like a nargilem knock off...(thats the first one)...I would'nt call kaya a "knock off "brand they make some really good pipes I hear..
Yea, that's the one I'm most likely going to get. I've heard nothing but great reviews on that PN580.

They're definitely not knock offs, since they're one of the best brands in Germany and they're apparently a lot better than KMs...
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