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Default Large Heba and Your KM

Hi folks, thought I would share my findings with everyone. I was skeptical to put my large heba diffuser on my new KM heart of a lion, but I'm glad I tried! I was always under the impression that in order for the heba to be most effective, it would have to be pushed into the stem so that it almost hits the bottom of the diffuser. With a little hot water (to expand the diffuser) I was able to slip on the diffuser with only a little force, past the KM pear shaped stem bottom.

I just loaded a bowl of SB peaches and cream into my vortex and aside from the expected "noise canceling" effects, I notice the smoke actually is MUCH smoother and fluffier. I've used my heba diffuser on all of my past hookahs, but this is the first time where I had noticeable smoke effecting results. Also as many of you know, the KM produces a prominent rumble which was inconvenient for me since it moved my coals around a little too much. The diffuser took care of this problem completely.

All I have to say is: "DO IT"
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