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Default Re: What do you think of these?

@Ukshishafan: Some vases have little air bubbles in it that can burst when the air in the expand

@joevincett: Like I said, that's only what I heard. I guess a screw on base is just more stable and there's no chance of it coming out if you tip over your hookah.

Yea, but more parts also makes it easier to clean....

Well I've seen some hookahs were the holes that the smoke enters the hose through are placed too much on the edge of the stem, resulting in them not being 100% air tight.

And like I said, glass can have bubbles in it, which is never good news.

@Zen: I looked on the website, and they're not Sahara hookahs.

@uglybiker: Yea, I've sent the store a message and asked them if they're common chambers. Yea, they're supposed to be Nargilem knockoffs but I heard the only difference is the price. They're the same quality wise.
Well I'd get mine for 49 Euros and conversion rates isn't really a factor for me since I have a bankaccount in Germany anyways. I'd save on shipping since I lived down the street from's warehouse.
Are those even PN Nargiles? It doesn't say....
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