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Default alfakheronline shipping

hey all,

im having a big problem here with

to make it short:

took an order the 3rd November
appeared on credit card account 3 days later

usually it takes them a little bit to get here to Canada for some unknown reasons by me, but its all good im used to it now

but this time it was different, its been more than a month now and i didn't received my order yet...

they sent me a tracking number on the 28th November...

then i sent an e-mail to alfakheronline to know what's going on the 28th.. didn't received an answer yet..
i can't call them because my international calling is not working for unknown reason lol..

now i wanna know, what to do when i receive the order? im pretty pissed now because ive been ordering from them since 2 years now and i won't order from there again...

should i call them and ask for a full refund and sent the package back
keep the order but call to ask for something because this is really not normal... ask for some shisha or the shipping cost refund which is like 50$
or just keep the stuff and never order from there again?

btw, i took an order on HJ during the black friday, i will receive the order this week for sure!

anyone had this issue ?

thanks a lot everyone!

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