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Default Re: did i choose the right km

Originally Posted by harry_boii View Post
I have only just started smoking and decided to buy a cheap km for my first hookah. I am now wondering is it bad that it is made out of stainless steal ? because people have said brass is much better link is below
That stem is more commonly referred to as the Amer as the (old) Butterfly is an Amer with an extra stem section (IOW it's taller). Here are some links for you to compare:

KM Amer
KM Butterfly (old/original version)

I cannot speak for's stock but the early Amers and old Butterflys had some with brass or copper stem tubes. The recent batches in the US are all stainless steel with the exception of the brass ring that forms the shank (the part the base gasket goes around and is inserted into the vase).

They are good stems, not outstanding in comparison to other KMs but they do stand out because they were the first models that were really marketed using Khalil Mamoon's name and making them known. The brass ring and hose port style is not used in construction of any of the newer stems and they still have the stamped KM initials and phone numbers like many of the older KM products had.

The advantages that brass stems have over stainless steel are primarily due to the differences in construction. Brass stems have outer stem pieces that are cast, so they are thicker and heavier. Stainless steel stems on the other hand are formed from thin plate material so they're lighter and more susceptible to dents. Stainless steel does have the advantage of having superior corrosion resistance so they won't tarnish like brass or copper or form vertigris when exposed to moisture. Stainless steel stem tubes are also stronger than the brass/copper ones.
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