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Default Re: Just had a sweet party

Originally Posted by larrypzlast
Originally Posted by daedra
if someone askes i tell them im using it to smoke dextromethorphan. that usually scares them enough to not even want to go near my hookah.
I was smoking in my back yard and the neighbor walk out to throw the trash he looked over at me and smiled. I was like crap he is going to notify the heat. 5 minutes later he walks over to my gate with HIS hookah and asked if he could sit in and smoke with me. I told the guy HECK YEH!. It was cool not having to worry about what people think I am smoking in it for once.
that is seriously awesome. i would totally dig that because not many are cool like that. most ask, "oh hey, you getting high? can i get a hit of that grass?", thats when i use a big word like dextromethorphan (cough syrup haha).

"oh hey, you getting high? can i join?"

"yea, smoking some dextromethorphan"

"that sounds dangerous, bye"
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