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Originally Posted by freezingwar View Post
I'm a lightweight and while almost all Nakhla has kicked my butt and made me a little sick, sweet melon was by far the one I most enjoyed. DA has way too much anise for me. SM tastes natural, but also very sweet, D'oh I know but you'll see what I mean, I felt it like a good SB that had a really strong punch lol. But the best advice anyone gave me, start by mixing Nakhla with other tobaccos, like Al Fakher mint and it will make you last longer.
Heresy only mix nakhla with nakhla and may the fleas of a thousand camels infest all your orifices for entertaining such Blasphemy.

Nakhla is a smoke that must be relished and enjoyed not chained and try to blow monster clouds. If you keep hydrated (drink water) eat and take it slow it is most enjoyable.

But if you think you are a cowboy and hoover the hookah by all means be prepared for you will get your guts handed to you on a platter.

Most important when changing over from a washed line of tobacco to something better use a smaller bowl which will cause the session to be shorter and lessen the chance of Nicotine sickness until such time as you have built up the necessary tolerance to the stronger Tobacco.
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