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A couple of things -

a) A lot of people here know about the conflict between mush, my friends and myself and we all know that he has treated many people here with contempt but I feel we should do our best those conflicts out of the forum.
b) The folks that run HP are very easy going and have given us a great resource so lets try and keep it as free from malice and ill will for everyone as we can.

As to exotica i've stated my support for the product they make and I intend to keep on buying them. Still, lots of reports are floating around (no i'm not talking about the other place) of people getting molded exoticas and while some may be wrong/dishonest it seems reasonable that some are not. My guess is that the container that was leaking might have more cases damaged then anyone thought at the time so I suppose it's possible that some bad boxes are still floating around.

We should note that simply because a coal splits or ashes more then we like such minor mishaps are an indication of a bad coal as has been implied by some. In the end we all should use what works best for us and not presume the worst.
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