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Default Re: A call to action

My friends and family know i smoke hookah. most of them love it. They love the way it smells, how cool it looks. My mom is worried about the whole addiction/ carcenogenic affect, but she was a 2 pack a day smoker for years..... so she understands when i say i dont want to hear it from her. But she doesn't say no either.

My educate everyone i know about hookah. When i am at work people always ask me if i am in "hookah lookah land" because i'm always on hookah boards.

All my officers know what a hookah is and know who to call if they have questions in regards to one. lol. and soon a few will actually smoke with me when i can get a time and date to go to the lounge. That was the FIRST thing ih ad to break about my officers when i started to work here... DONT CALL IT ANY OTHER NAMES BESIDES IT'S TRADITIONAL NAMES.... any others will cause you to get the beatdown. period. and it's worked they no longer call it by it's long distance cousins nicknames.


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