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How can a container that has 1060 cases and only 60 distributed and 1000 in storage being held back until insurance company can come and pick up have more coals on the market. I dont get it. 1060 ases - 60 cases = 1000 cases. Just the exact amount of coals we have stored and claimed with the shipping company. We have 3 warehouses. 1 of which only has the exotica bads and the others are fully operating. So when people are stating bad, it is not bad, it is just something they think it is bad, like white spots, or it breaks. That is why we have redesigned the boxes starting next month to show people what is up. The new boxes will have small hanges to the outside of the boxes which will be released to you guys later. I am going to send samples to Sambooka and he can announce the changes and exetra....

I am not here to screw people about a case of bad coals and exetra. Remember, I was the one who publicly announced the bad coals and posted pics at a few places of what I mean is bad. Since that bad incident, we have had 3 containers and all sold with no problems and the next one coming is different and we also have made the coals stronger and will not crack.. Hope this answers everything...

Also regarding HookahPro, yes, everyone here is cool. I can actually talk and express myself unlike other sites where they block me when i say the facts. All they want is freefreefree and I wish I can do that but if I did that, why am I even in business. We do what is right. We take care of our customers. We post updates and let you know if there is something wrong. We will also update you on new products coming soon and give out samples but we can not have people telling us old news from 3 months ago and expect us to be like ok...... It is impossible to have bad stuff on the market, especially with all the quality control we have set up now. Thank you

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