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Default Re: Rumor about the Vortex Bowl

My statement that you quoted was in response to this:
Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
OK, so there is some truth to it as far as with eric bieng involved.
The second statement was to explain why he couldn't patent it. There's also how the phunnels got copied to begin with but I'm not going to discuss that here.

Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
Not what i am saying. I am asking if/that the vortex was done in a way that somehow made it so Eric couldnt patent the tangiers phunnel bowl.

Dont get all pissy with me young man! Lol.. i was just asking a question and looking for any affirmation to a RUMOR. lol. Im not blaming, or saying that anyone was involved in anything.
Pissy? I'm just trying to help you out here. I don't understand why you're getting defensive. You even dropped some bold, underlined, and enlarged text on me.

Would it be more helpful if I said the Vortex was not a deliberate attempt to block Eric from patenting his Phunnel bowl?
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