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Default Re: The effects of MO maybe?

Originally Posted by Red_Pyramid View Post
What exactly is hoovering? I don't stand over it, nor do I set it below me. I set my rig a few feet beside me atop the coffee table where the bowl is well above me. And yes, it is in a room that is ventilated and does have a ceiling fan constantly going...
Hoovering is just a term for drawing from the hookah frequently and without breaks. Like a vacuum or a "hoover". It's not a great practice and can end with nicotine sickness if your tolerance is not high. It's a fairly common mistake that even the most seasoned smoker can fall to if not careful and dealing with higher nicotine tobacco.

Regarding the initial post it sounds like increased blood pressure as a result of nicotine intake. Take it easy and ease into it. Your tolerance will build. when I was first starting I fell prey to this occurrence more than a few times. now I am blasting through a bowl of AF soft black with no problems and a nice medium buzz. It's common and nothing to run to the hospital about. Best of luck in the future.
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