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Originally Posted by Frank Dux
Well, I am one who kept buying exoticas even after a lot of people bashed them. But to be honest this last box has really put me off. I can tell the difff from mildew smell, and actually seeing it than what the binder is, I am not a complete idiot. To be honest to tell me that they are not bad is very funny, how can you know?? Yes you might have a quality control and check random boxes, but maybe some vendors still have old supplies which they should not have i guess. Also here is some advice, if you check every box now which is great why not stamp them, this way you can prove it is not your fault for bad coals, maybe stamp them with a logo and a date. Like I said I am not trying to bash, was just an FYI. I still have 1 box off good ones left and will use them until I run out.

Here are pics of my good and bad boxes, I will let everyone be the judge

Test them out. Just try to rub off all that white stuff. Then light up those coals and try to smoke with them. If they smoke good and no probs, then everything should be okay.
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