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Default Re: I finally burned my carpet

Originally Posted by jakejacobson View Post
ROFL. I imagine they give just as good of an employee discount? my friend fiance works at lowes.
Home Depot doesnt give employee discounts. They never have well atleast for the 6 years i worked for them, and the 8 years my wife has and still does.

Originally Posted by timelosthookah View Post
just look at the bright side it could be a burnt carpet and broken hookah, or just a broken hookah which is always a tragedy
Yeah my base was already broken a wek or two ago. LMAO.. so it can always be worse.

Originally Posted by Scarcity View Post
Pro-tip: If the burn isn't that bad you can just cut the top frays of the carpet and use some laundry detergent to scrub some of the remaining black.
Unfortuantely the burn marks are sunk into the carpet. I would have been happy with jsut the top of the carpet getting burned. Alas, not in this case. Nice deep burns in the shape of a square. LMAO!


This thread should be a sticky! So everyone can share their sillyness that has happend to them. LMAO! It would be fun to read it. lol
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