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Default House of Smokes - Las Vegas, NV

Hi guys, thought I'd share this for any of you living in the Las Vegas area. I have a regular smoke shop close to my house which I buy my everyday stuff from, but when I want to go to a real "hookah shop" I go to House of Smokes. Les runs the place and he is a super nice guy. Probably the only down to earth smoke shop owner I have come across since living all over the valley. Just to give you an idea of exactly how cool he is, I live about 50 minutes away from his store and it is SUPER inconvenient for me to drive to, but I will still continue to make the trip when I need to. He is the only one in Vegas who carries Fumari and can always make recommendations based on his own experience (+1 in my books). The only thing that would make him the perfect smoke shop is if he shipped/delivered to my house for free!

So if you're in Vegas, Les at House of Smokes is your guy.

House of Smokes
1263 East Silverado Ranch Boulevard
Paradise, NV 89183
(702) 896-0340
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