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Originally Posted by Seth_DeNightshade
I for one am getting sick of seeing HF bashing around here. Most threads I read have some kind of underhand comment.

Gabe is well aware of the reasons he was asked to leave HF. Other's also. Debate all you like but there appears to be a number of bad coals.

Oggie/Frank is a very well educated gentlement and if he says that's mildew then i'll willing to take that on his word.

It's such a shame that a thread about bad coal has so much anti-hf rhetoric inside. Once again I find myself being truly disappointed.

I also notice that quite a few of the 'I hate HF and mushrat' seem happy to post there. Odd stuff.

JD - Disappointed
Come on man! HF name is edited out of posts here to avoid conflict, yet bashing Hookah Pro is encouraged at HF. Hmmm
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