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Default Re: Is there any good alternatives to smoking Hookah?

Originally Posted by Furrymessiah View Post
E-cigarettes are electronic devices that mimic the act of smoking a cigarette, without the worries of tar and (if you purchase the right juice) nicotine.
It consists of a rechargeable battery (the 'tobacco' end), a small heating element, and the cartridge (the 'filter' end). The cartridge has a cotton filter inside of it that is saturated with a liquid, or 'juice', that are typically made of Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, or a combination of the two, with a flavoring, and nicotine, although there are liquids available without it.
The heating element vaporizes the liquid, and that is what you inhale and blow out. There are also models that allow you to smoke via USB cable, if it can be believed.
Typically, the cartridges can be refiled several times before they need to be replaced.
E-cigarettes also do not fall under the umbrella of smoking bans, since the vapor does not contain carcinogens, so you can smoke, or 'vape' them in places that are non-smoking, without fear of reprisal.
A starter kit for a quality model can run 30-80 USD, but the cost of maintenance and refills decline considerably after the initial investment. For a one-pack-a-day smoker, you can generally expect the costs of 'vaping' to be 2-3 USD a week, and even less if you reuse the cartridges.
There are many resources online available to the aspiring 'Vaper,' including forums very similar to this one. A simple Google search will find them. It's recommended to do your research on them before purchase, because the variety of models is staggering.
Hope this helps you out.
these vapors? Is it just like H20? Or am i still inhailing chemicals?
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