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Test them out. Just try to rub off all that white stuff. Then light up those coals and try to smoke with them. If they smoke good and no probs, then everything should be okay.
I did smoke 2 sticks worth, first time i just lit it up and figured it was just an oder, horrible taste in the coals and smelled bad, then I used another stick and brushed the white off, still the same and got sick after it this time. Now as one can see the other box has the normal little silver specks which I know are fine.

To gabe, do not get defensive. I did not say this is your fault all I stated is I got a bad box, whether it be from shipment from processor to distributor, or distributor to vendor. I can rule out the shipment to me because out of the two boxes one was bad the other is perfect. Like I have said I enjoyed my exoticas, just do not want to do the gamble, on the other not the place I ordered from said they would hook me up with a free box and they will check all their boxes, and I did not even ask for a refund. Now if the Vendor MN checks what they have and they say they are all good, I am sure I might continue to buy them from them only.
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