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Default Re: Tarek Elafret hookah?

Yup it's at Southridge mall, second floor, opposite anchor side of sears so that would be the south end I guess. They do sell shisha there but it all seems a bit over priced. They have starbuzz, af, fantasia, nakhla and a few herbals I think. They have a few funnels possibly chinese, saw the wierd 3 chamber bowl there as well.

I have recently moved and just found my digital camera. I will try to stop back in the next few days and grab some pics, the owner seemed nice enough. He was gonna see of he could get me something a bit bigger. He may let me take some pics. I will try and get some pics of the chamber as well as the tray he read the name from. The hose was a pretty awful excuse of a hose and I didnt really examine the base very closely.
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