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Default Can't get Tangiers F-line Apple to work properly

Hello everyone, first time posting on here.

I've been having issues with my newly purchased Tangiers F-line Apple, I did my homework, and I believe I've got the hang of most Tangiers, Horchata and Kashmir haven't given me any problems, they smoke beautifully.

My set-up is a Mya Vortex, I think a large phunnel bowl (maybe a medium), two layers of foil pulled nice and tight, and three half coconara coals placed evenly on the rim, typically I put a bunch of small holes in ever widening circles, then one large hole in the middle.

Thing is, the coconaras might be the culprits here, I typically leave them on the stove burner for 8 minutes, but with F-line Apple, suddenly they've been dying out and turning black, so I went up to 13 minutes, the problem continued, and the taste is just abhorrent, my throat burns also.

As for packing and acclimating the Tangiers, I typically leave them spread out on tin foil for 24 hours, then the night I plan to smoke it I put it in a plastic container and stir it around off and on for about an hour, when I pack, I stack it loosely about half an inch over the rim, then I gently pack it down with a fork until its parallel with the rim, so I just can't fathom that my problem would have anything to do with the shisha itself.

I'm relentlessly trying to troubleshoot right now, and I've wasted three full phunnel bowls of this stuff already, no matter what I try the shisha borders from tasteless to truly gag-inducing.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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