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Default Re: I think this might beat the skull hookah

eh shisha is overpriced crap, even if it was good, is it that much better than any other brand that it's worth double starbuzz? think about it (i know some places sell it for a coule of bucks more than sb but that's because it could never sell consistently at $40) did eh do some major research and some up with something that extarordinary? let's face facts, it's the same jordanian tobacco that is shipped to the us in bulk, flavored and packed in the us with a made in usa sticker and coold eh designs
the reasons you guys are hp members is to learn the truth about our hobby and not to be fooled by gimmicks.
yes it is made in collaboration with the folks at starbuzz, no secret there, how much idk, but sb is a producer, eh is a namebrand, no experience in the hookah industry. if you like novelty so be it but i know 99% of you are too educated of a hookah community to be fooled by this crap.
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