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Default Re: I think this might beat the skull hookah

Well I personally, I wouldn't mind getting a few ed bathing suits, if it wasn't 160.00 EACH! For a freaking bathing suit, are you kidding me? That's ridonkulous!

Then I start getting irritated that EH is everywhere. Then I see it get slapped onto some shisha. "Hey this seems cool, lets brand this w/ our label and jack up the prices!" Which is EXACTLY what they did. It's not worth whatever 20-40 price tag that they put on it. (Starbuzz isn't worth 20 dollars, there is NO WAY ED would be worth that outrageous price tag.)

Now it looks like they have slapped on a "ed hardy" temp tattoo on a hookah and demand 300 dollars on what appears to be a not so hot hookah. One that I probably wouldn't buy without the shitty sticker, for 100.00. And what is on the stem? What picture are the rhinestones making? I can't tell. and why!? Why are they bedazzling everything!?!

On top of that, most of the people I see wearing/ buying this crap (and who this is aimed for) isnt' really the um... upstanding, law abiding hookah users we would like to see coming to our ranks. This in my opinion, may bring about some more people and revenue business wise, but I also think this is going to bring more negative light to hookahs than positive.

In my eyes, I will never buy it (the shisha or the hookah). Period. End of story because it's all a ploy and a gimmick.

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