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Default Re: Can't get Tangiers F-line Apple to work properly

Thank you for the response, it's just really frustrating because I've jumped through hurdles to understand the proper acclimation, packing, etc.

Problem is, as first I thought it was just the Tangiers, but my Romman is virtually unsmokable, I'm at a loss of ideas as to why my coconaras did a 180 on me, at first I simply threw them on the stove burner, waited until they we're a hot orange, and tossed them on the bowl, but just tonight they started acting finicky, for example they're glowing orange like usual, but as soon as I put them on the tin foil they turn black, they still emit some heat, i'm worried they're defective, but I can't believe that'd even be a possibility, just pissing me off a little bit, lol.

I've all but given up on Tangiers though, I've gone threw enormous trouble to understand the proper preparation, coal arrangement, packing, hole patterns on tin foil, and it just doesn't work, all I get is no smoke, no taste, and zero buzz.

I haven't surrendered entirely, haha...

I'll keep plugging away and try to narrow down the list of possible suspects.

Thanks again for the helpful response.
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