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Default Re: Ohh Shit! is this normal?

I would dump it and buy a new one. I wouldnt expect nazaar to replace it unless you can prove that it was faulty at the time they sold it to you.

It deffinately sounds like voltage issues and not a faulty unit anyway. What plug does the device have? An adapter to make it fit into the outlet doesnt change the voltage output. Even using the unit on the lowest setting it wil still fry the unit. The unit can not use 240/220 volts if it is rated at 110 no matter the setting. Look around for a voltage conditioner that should change the voltage to a useable 110. I think it is called a euro adapter. Radio shack sells them here in the states.

I used to run the electrical department at home depot, so i know enough about electricity to be dangerous.. LMAO.
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