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Default Re: Ohh Shit! is this normal?

Originally Posted by nakkisormi View Post
Yeah, i'm an electrical engineer student (if that's the right term) so i do know a bit of these things. Just can't be arsed to calculate the power usage on 230V and using the lowest temp setting from the switch... Unless required to :P Seems like that i do.


Did the coil burn whilst using the LOW-setting?

or did you use the highest temp setting for five times, and finally it blew?

Just in short, correct me if i'm wrong (which i think i am !:

it's designed to be used on 120VAC 60Hz, so:

The coil works at maximum of 750W -> 750W / 120V = 6,25A

It will take 6,25A current at max.

If i'd use the default potentiometer on the 230V net, and set it to max temp, it would be going on 6,25A * 230V -> 1437,5W power!

No way! that WILL blow the thing in a blink!

So, i want it to draw a maximum current of X, so that it will (at max) use 750W power:

If x * 230V = 750W, then x = 3,26A

So i want it to draw 3,26A max from the network.

If I = 3,26A and U = 230V, then R is... Yeah, R = U / I, R = 70,55ohm

So if i find a potentiometer (or just a plain resistor), could it work? i know that the resistor would need to have insane maximum power durability, but just in theory, it is...
Im sorry i cant remember so vividly now because it was excatly a year ago the best thing is to read the original post and if the answer is not there then im afraid i cant remember. I do remember that i had used it at max, mid and low power and nothimg had happened and on the final time i cant remeber the settings but it would definitely not have been the first.

If you are asking this because you want to get one then i would strongly advise against it even though you are an engineering student if you miscalculate then you would putting yourself in danger because when it blew trust me it was scary. Sparks flew the whole room was lit up bright white for a moment and there was a very loud noise of the electrical current. We were lucky that we just happend to leave the kichen for a few seconds when it happened so we weren't harmed.
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