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Default Re: I rescued my Narbish!

Originally Posted by Hookah Newb View Post
btw, did you ever get that rubber smell/taste out?

I tired washing mines but I think I'll have to use lemon juice or baking soda
I ran vinegar & water through it a few times and it pretty much took care of the taste. Plus, just continuing to smoke it helped. I generally don't like real strong flavors, so I think it just took a little longer for me.

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
since you are asking me to chime in the most cost effective way to get all the parts is to get a defective one and replair it, for example, mouth and end tip could cost you $5+ then pvc ick $2-3, then running around getting all the parts, i can't advertise but what you did is the most cost effective way, all materials included. you just need to re use them.
i have tried myself to repair but it's time consuming and i am low on time and patience. but it seems you did a great job, thanks
My interest in making the hose is a lot less in saving money (I'm pretty sure it's more expensive to make your own), my arts and crafts side just got a bit of a jolt. I think it'd be fun to make my own hoses from scratch just to be able to have them and feel the satisfaction of smoking from something totally unique, ya know?

BTW, I'm really loving the Narbish! Kudos!
This is my:
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