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Default Re: hello! new to hookah!

Sounds good. I have personal experience with the Caravan Trading Group and their hookahs. I have one myself and there is a detailed review of it in the review section "33 inch Red Isis". I'd say you made a solid choice on your first hookah purchase. The Egyptian I have from them was my first as well and it still smokes just as good today as when it was brand new. They're very durable and reliable hookahs.

My only suggestion for you would be to get different coals. I remember that the free coals I had recieved from them were total garbage and tasted like pure chemicals. It ruined the session. They were also very uneven in heat and violent when sparking. They're just pretty crappy coals. So my suggestion would be to get some Three Kings or Golden Coals. Either one will give you a WAY better session. Both of these brands are some of the best quicklights on the market and they don't affect the flavor of the session in a negative way.

I've read a lot of bad reviews on Soex, although I don't personally have experience with it. Havana seems like a better first smoke. Try looking around the shisha review section. That'll let you know what's good and what's not from the experiences of many members here. If you have any questions on properly setting up or preparing the hookah, just ask and we'll be more than happy to help you.

If you get a chance, post pics when you recieve it...
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