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Default how to make the COLDEST, most refreshing smoke?

i went to a really good huka bar in queens, ny- best huka bars in the WORLD are there lol and for one their flavoring was AMAZING, never in my life have i tasted shisha sooo good... i tried strawberry and it tasted like i was biting into a strawberry, amazing... and besides that, when i inhaled, the smoke was cold, refreshingly cold.. it felt really good.. ive tried putting ice in the bowl, and eh that didnt quite do much.. ive tried putting my hose in the freezer, and after 5 minutes in floridas heat ( i smoke in my backyard, i live in fl) the cold hose was now warm again... anybody with tips, please help thanks... do i need to fill the water in the base and then put in the freezer for a while? thanks
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