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Default Re: I love my Mya and Hookah-Shisha rocks

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
Myas are very good hookahs but IMO overpriced, i had the exact same hookah in black, the base is the best base i have had, really heavy and well built and sturdy, just wished they did bases to fit KM's that would be great.

But the draw is very restrictive if you have multiple hoses going at the same time, a bit is fine by me, but it was like sucking from a straw
The draw is only extra restricted if more than one person is pulling at a time, which I tell people not to do.

Unless I'm smoking with friends, I attach my Narbish and while the draw is restricted it's not unpleasantly so. In fact, roughly half the time, I prefer the draw to be restricted a bit and it ends up coming out just about perfect form the Mya.

Originally Posted by Ukshishafan View Post
Do you know of any vouchers/codes for hookah-shisha? Thinking of doing an order but can't find one anywhere on the site.

The base on that maya looks like the base on my Syrian, what type of chamber does that pipe have?
I think this one will get you 10% off: hookah-shisha
And this one will get you a free hookah if you spend $100: free hookah

Myas do have common chambers, but it should be noted that the reasons most people don't like common chambers doesn't apply. While the chamber is common, the heart is not sealed. If you take the heart off and look on the bottom, you can see the inside of all the hose ports. So, in effect, when you put the stem on, the base and the stem all become part of the same chamber. So purging is no problem at all and cleaning isn't an issue either. In fact, cleaning is easier on Myas than on any of the egyptian hookahs I have.

It's hard to explain. Here's a picture.

This is taken from the bottom of the stem. The downstem has been removed. On Egyptian hookahs, this part would be sealed with two or four small holes. In that situation, were the chamber common it would be a pain for cleaning and purging. On a Mya with a common chamber, there is no such problem.
This is my:
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