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Default Question about Tobacco EXP. dates.

I went into a tobacco shop a few days ago, and i was wondering something about what i saw.

The guy at the shop only sells Fusion, Hookah Splash? and King Moassell.

I was looking at the hookah splash and the containers he was selling expired in Aug of 2008. Is it illegal to sell expired tobacco? He was even trying to sell it for regular price! WTF? I was going to try fusion, but with the Other tobacco that expierd a year ago. I was reluctant to buy any tobacco from him.

Was just wondering if its safe to smoke tobacco that is expierd that long ago. Also, should i say something to the guy, if i ever go back there?

I did ask him if he ever planned on selling Naklah and just like all the rest of the shops near me. He wont carry it. Why wont anyone carry it! LMAO
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