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Default Re: I love my Mya and Hookah-Shisha rocks

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post

Myas do have common chambers, but it should be noted that the reasons most people don't like common chambers doesn't apply. While the chamber is common, the heart is not sealed. If you take the heart off and look on the bottom, you can see the inside of all the hose ports. So, in effect, when you put the stem on, the base and the stem all become part of the same chamber. So purging is no problem at all and cleaning isn't an issue either. In fact, cleaning is easier on Myas than on any of the egyptian hookahs I have.

It's hard to explain. Here's a picture.

This is taken from the bottom of the stem. The downstem has been removed. On Egyptian hookahs, this part would be sealed with two or four small holes. In that situation, were the chamber common it would be a pain for cleaning and purging. On a Mya with a common chamber, there is no such problem.
Huh? I respect your preference of Myas but i have to completely disagree with your statement that myas purge better than Egyptians thats impossible because Myas dont purge at all. Syrians tend to be common plated not Egyptians, which are usually Traditional chamber and the nour hookahs including the Al Fakher line all have traditional chambers and all purge great.

While i agree that your open common chamber is better than plated common chambers in terms of cleaning but purging is the same, there both useless. You can attach a straw to the inside of your ourge valve and tape it to your downstem that will help the purge. Check Photolingers video.
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