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Default Re: Bad exoticas


Yelling isn't going to make this any better. It's just going to make the situation worse. Please refrain from using all caps because some people take offense.

Now as for the coals. Oggie is a good guy. If he says their is mold on the coals, I believe him. I still love exoticas, and will continue to use them. But what happens if one day I have an issue with exoticas (God forbid I ever do) Am i going to be looked at ,yelled at, and accused of lying?

See this is what scares me. Nazar knows I would never lie to him about a product, and I know that nazar would take care of me, ( And so would MNH) but that doesn't give me the warm fuzzies when I ask him to contact you w/ my complaint (as if i have a product with a complaint I try to inform the company WHY i have the complaint, I also get the vendor I bought the product to speak of the complaint as well.) which I have done with shisha - hookah hookah, house hold items like Venus Razors, and food products like Chinese or mcdonalds.

I want my complaint to be listened to, and I don't want a company to say or think that I am a liar.

Now. What you are saying is the whole container was trashed? Right? I have gotten mixed up answers, Did the whole container get trashed and never shipped to a vendor? Or Did you take only the boxes you thought were good and send them out while trashing the others?

I want a straight up answer to this. Because I have read two completely different things and that makes me skeptical.

Because , you have said in the past that only a certian number of boxes were damaged. If so, then part of that container that went out could definitelybe bad! If you know science you will understand this. If water damaged those boxes, and that water sat in that container until they were found by your company to be damaged, then there is a great great chance that ALL of the coals in that container are damaged. Humidity, actual water contact, and such can and will affect the coals. Weither you want to believe this or not.

Now, if the container was completely scrapped due to insurance, then there shouldn't be bad coals on the market and then previous statements will be argued about i'm sure.

Because of the above I mentioned I totally believe that the possibility of oggie/frank having mildew on his coals is completely plausible. because everybody knows what causes mildew.....

Gabe, this isn't ment to be derogatory or spiteful or mean. I am trying to get you to clear up the facts without getting angry or passionate. I underand it's your business and your passionate about that, but it comes off in the wrong way. I LOVE YOUR COALS and I use them all the time. This is just the honest opinion of a person that enjoys your coals.


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