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Hehe how friggen sweet! I found this on my university's policy page:

"SMOKING: Due to California University policy, smoking is prohibited in all of our buildings, student rooms, res. hallways, restrooms, lounges, stairs, balconies, volleyball and basketball courts and pool areas. Residents may only smoke \30 feet away from any building. This includes the use of smoking devices such as hookah pipes."

Awesome! That means I am able to smoke it! And I don't even smoke near any buildings and the parking lot where I usually smoke in my car is like a few hundred feet from the nearest building. Yay it means the school actually knows what a hookah is and that it is mainly used for only tobacco.

Hehe now, I think I'm gonna try to smoke while sitting on the grass under da trees! It seems really relaxing.

I know this policy goes for residents it says, but I highly doubt its any different from non residents who attend my school.
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