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Default Hookah Lounge Licenses...?

Hey guys, sorry if this isn't in the right place, you can move it if not, but i think it is lol. anyway...

Long story short, me and my friend are thinking of opening a small hookah lounge in our town. It is a smallish college town. So constant flux of new students etc. We have been doing a lot of reading/thinking and want to do it. We have most of it figured out except two things:

1) What kind of licenses would we need? I know there are different ways of doing it such as making it a private club, with food, with drinks, etc. Which option would be the best and how would we go about getting them? We don't really want to deal with food, probably just drinks, like a small fountain or something. btw we live in Pennsylvania.

2) Where can I find supplies? Are there any vendors who sell wholesale? I am not looking for one who only sells huge amounts though. Probably around 20-30 to get started (unless you have a better suggestion). Anyone who could direct me would be great. Also which brands/models would be best suited for a lounge setting?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and i thank you in advanced. If I think of anything else Ill post it up here later.
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