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Default Plenty of threads, but I'm in a bind

I know there are several threads already covering this, and I'm a member of enough forums that I know most forums don't appreciate you starting a new thread asking an old question, but I have searched and am still coming up bunk.

I just got in this hookah ( ) and have loaded several flavours into it to no real avail. I haven't tried the overpacking method just yet, but from what I've read it seems that rotating the coals is too frequent and that the top layer burning is going to give a more tobacco taste. I want my fruity flavours to stand out, and I know I've also read that touching the shish and coal together and letting it burn is what you're not supposed to do.

The flavours we've tried so far in it are Cappucino, Coconut, and Mango from Al Fakher and Pineapple from Havana, with Bahraini Apple, Banana, and Rose awaiting their debuts. Every bowl has tasted about the same, just a shisha-ish smoke without real flavour, but you can definitely smell it.

I started out using one of those metal screens, but have moved to foil due to suggestions on this website and from an old friend. I usually do an even pattern of holes about 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick with the foil about a quarter of an inch from the shish, then put to Silver Flint naturals on the bowl. We've tried it with the coals directly over the holes, as well as on the sides of the bowl not touching any of the holes.

No matter what I've tried so far, I just don't taste the flavour the way I remember it's strength a year ago when I first started. Please help, I'm tired of using up shisha for mediocre bowls when I know that it should be tasting so good! Especially because there are several people around here I'm trying to get into it and don't want them thinking that this is how it always is. Thanks everyone.
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