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Default Re: Plenty of threads, but I'm in a bind

I haven't tasted any of the specific flavors you've used in it, but AF is usually pretty flavorful. My method for AF is as follows:
-Stir it up!
-Use your fingers to sprinkle in the bowl, making sure to leave room for an air pocket between the coals and the shisha.
-Put the foil on, make sure it's nice and tight like a drum
-Put on the coals. If you're using nats with such a small hookah you should be able to get away with just one. Keep it on an edge and rotate it around the bowl as you smoke. If you're using QLS, cut it in 1/3s or 1/4s and put the pieces around the edges. Rotate them around, too. If you're feeling like the smoke is getting harsh, just take a piece or two off.

When you draw from the hose, put the tip of your tongue flat up near the tip of the hose. This will spread the smoke over your tongue as you inhale, which should help with flavor detection. Good luck!

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