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I had just lit up some coals and started smoking some AF mint when my boyfriend asked me to go outside and help him hang Christmas lights. Since I had just lit up the hookah I moved it outside onto the coffee table (we have a couch and coffee table on our porch) and started to help him hang. He set a ladder up on one of the walls and put some lights on it to hold them temporarily, then tried to hang the opposite side of the strand up on the porch ceiling. He tugged too hard and the ladder came crashing down right on top of my hookah. The coals flipped off to opposite sides of the porch, the bowl came up off the grommet and landed down-side-down on the porch, basically crushing it. The tray and tray holder on the hookah are FUCKED. They're so bent that they're basically worthless.

On the bright side, however, I have a new KM stem coming via UPS tomorrow. I also have a starcut base, and there was no moving that sucker. It's completely safe. I do have another mod bowl, so the bowl loss is negligible as well. So I guess this just leaves me with a very bent Chinese, and a funny story to tell. That, and I'll have to wait 'til my KM gets here tomorrow to smoke again.

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